One more week of vacation

I’m starting the second week of our vacation so my blogging will continue to be semi-regular.  But this week I’ve pre-scheduled some of my favorite quotes to share with you.  See you on December 9. Nelson

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Free Seminar for Senior Pastors in Miami

My friend and CLI Trainer Bob Franquiz is teaching my very popular “How to Break the Top 3 Growth Barriers” Workshop in Miami on Tuesday, December 9. It’s for Senior Pastors only and its FREE.  I highly encourage you to attend if you are any where within driving distance.  Follow this link for the details: Free Top 3 Growth Barriers … Read More

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Church Growth Hero – Carl George

A few months ago, my hard working assistant Cristina buzzed my office and said, “Carl George is on the phone for you.” I cautiously asked, “Is he a member at The Journey?” She said, “Nope, he says you know him and he wants to hear more about your tele-coaching network.” I picked up the phone and sure enough it was … Read More

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Are you a portable church?

Since 2002 we’ve meet in portable locations – nine different locations to be exact. From schools to renovated funeral homes (not recommended) to cinemas to off-broad theaters to concert venues.  I love being portable and I love the benefits of being portable (keeps the entrepreneurial spirit alive, mobilizes more volunteers, keeps you fast and fluid, frees up money for evangelism, … Read More

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Small Group Curriculum (Free Download)

We are working on our groups for Spring 2009 and recently produced the list of approved curriculum/books for group studies.  Since its one of the most frequently requested documents I thought you might want a copy.  You can download it by right clicking the link here: 2009 SPRING APPROVED SMALL GROUP CURRICULUM LISTINGS I hope you find it helpful! Nelson … Read More

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