Church Growth Hero – Elmer Towns

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of speaking to 11,000 students at convocation at Liberty University and was further honored to sit on the platform with my old friend Elmer Towns. He and Jerry Falwell founded the “little school” in Lynchburg, Virginia, back in 1971. These days, Dr. Towns is the Dean of the School of Religion … Read More

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Q & A – Baby Dedication

This is Kerrick Thomas – I’m the Executive Pastor at The Journey.  Nelson asked me to share my answers to the following question: Q: What do you guys do for a baby dedication? What do you read? Do you give anything away? A: For our Baby Dedications we try to make it very simple and straight-forward.  After our worship team … Read More

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Small Groups Q & A – Transitioning

This is Kerrick Thomas – I co-wrote “Activate” with Nelson and he asked me to share this recent question and answer about transitioning small groups in a church with a more traditional structure: Q: Hello!  I am currently reading your book Activate: An Entirely New Approach to Small Groups.  I am the associate pastor at a Christian Church.  We average … Read More

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Church Planting Q & A – First Baptism

I “launched” a series of church planting Q & A’s last week in celebration of springtime here on my blog and in preparation for tomorrow’s LAUNCH Conference in Baltimore.  Here’s today’s question… Q: We only launched our new church a few weeks ago we and we already have close to 20 people who’ve indicated a first time decision to follow … Read More

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The Fusion Webinar – Are You Joining Me?

With the economy like it is, I have been more passionate than ever about using technology to multiply the CLI ministry and to train more pastors and church leaders from a distance. That is why we offered 5 identical “How to Maximize Easter” Tele-Seminars at all times and days of the week (thanks for the great turnout for those by … Read More

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Church Planting Q & A – Launch in Different Cultures

Here’s today’s church planting Q & A: Q: I planted a multi-ethnic church in Seattle area about 8 years ago and it’s going well.  God now has relocated me to plant a church in Los Angeles area but it is a Korean speaking church. I’m contemplating attending the one-day Launch Conference in Baltimore on March 17th. Before I make a … Read More

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New Executive Pastor Tele-Coaching

I want to take a moment today to tell you about a new Executive Pastor Tele-Coaching Network led by Kerrick Thomas that is starting in a couple of weeks.  It is an eight-month, relationship-based coaching network for Executive Pastors seeking to improve their competency and increase their leadership skills in the eight areas we’ve identified as crucial to being an … Read More

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Easter Samples from The Journey

Here are some of the sample files from The Journey that I reference in the Maximizing Easter Tele-Seminar.  Feel free to take a look (you can right-click on each and “save as” to download them to your computer): Easter Invite Card – Outside Easter Invite Card – Inside Fasting for Lent (2009) Thanks for being on the call! Nelson

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Here at the end of the week, I want to send out a big THANK YOU to all of you who have grabbed a copy my FREE E-Book, “How to Maximize Easter”.  Since its release on Tuesday morning, nearly 1,500 of you have downloaded your copy. Four quick thoughts: 1 – If you haven’t yet taken the opportunity to download … Read More

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