Monday Proflections July 7, 2008

I’m looking forward to the upcoming week. Here’s what’s happening with me and Church Leader Insights plus a free resource that may be of interest to you: Monday – I’ll be in the office all day for the usual round of meetings. One of the highlights for me is the Sunday debrief. Here’s a free podcast that Jason and I … Read More

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How close are you to Hartford, CT?

On Friday, Bob Franquiz will be teaching my seminar on Assimilation in Hartford, CT. If you are within driving distance (i.e., within an 10 hour drive!) then I highly recommend you make it to this seminar. Someone told me recently that Bob actually teaches the seminar better than I do – but I’m in denial for now. Bob is a … Read More

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A Miraculous Story – New Podcast

Most of you know Roy Mansfield as a Teaching Pastor at The Journey or the Director of Church Leader Insights or my colleague on several resources or the monthly podcasts but how much do you really know about him? Well, in this month’s new podcast the truth comes out!  No, I’m not talking about his difficulties with the cops or … Read More

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Saturday Roundup – June 6 2008

Here’s a few resources, audios, videos and articles I found helpful this past week.  Enjoy! Leading Your Church Through Tough Financial Times by Injoy Stewardship Services (MP3) Note: You have to opt in to get the 30min MP3 Answer to Multi-Site Criticisms by Greg Surratt Bill Hybels Responds to Misinformation Regarding Willow Creek (Video) Tony Morgan gives a great analysis … Read More

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Lessons Learned From Rick Warren – Lesson #2

Lesson #2: Evangelism Must Always Be Our Priority When I was working at Saddleback Church with Rick Warren, I heard him say time and time again, “As long as there is one unchurched person in the Saddleback Valley, we must keep reaching out as a church.” Rick understands the importance of making evangelism a priority, or as I like to … Read More

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Charles Arn – Church Growth Hero (If I Dare Say ‘Church Growth’)

Last Saturday, while Kelley and I were in Los Angeles, I was able to meet one of my Church Growth Heroes – Charles (Chip) Arn of Church Growth, Inc.  He and his wife Ann were gracious enough to share dinner with me and Kelley at Kate Mantinlini’s in Beverly Hills (yep, we were living it up!). Win Arn, Charles’ father, … Read More

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