Raising Your Game for God’s Glory (Thursdays are for Health)

“No one else can change your life for you. I can guarantee, though, if you will make a decision to raise your game for God’s glory, he will meet you in that place and help you get to where he wants you to be.” – Nelson Searcy, Steve Reynolds & Jennifer Dykes Henson The above quote is from p. 32 of … Read More

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It’s Time to Prioritize Your Health (Thursdays are for Health)

“When you understand the importance of being proactive about your health you will find the time to do it. Period. It’s not a question of time, it’s a question of priorities.” – Nelson Searcy, Steve Reynolds & Jennifer Dykes Henson The above quote is from p. 41 of The Healthy Renegade Pastor: Abandoning Average in Your Health and Wellness. P.S. – Click here … Read More

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Congratulations Tuscaloosa… Pastors, not Football

This week, a group of like-minded pastors broke through to the next level in their health and wellness. Led by Steve Reynolds, co-author of The Healthy Renegade Pastor, they met at North River Church in Tuscaloosa, Alabama for a powerful FREE workshop and book launch party. These pastors now refuse to let their health and wellness get pushed further and further … Read More

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Do you have a box for yourself? (A comprehensive wellness guide)

You’re preparing everything for this Sunday – but there may be one thing you don’t have checked off on your list. Do you have a box for yourself? Are YOU fully prepared spiritually, intellectually, physically and emotionally? Because personal preparation is just as important as sermon prep for Sunday. I want to do everything I can to help pastors like you … Read More

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NEW RELEASE: Your Complete Guide to Spiritual, Intellectual, Physical and Emotional Health

Be honest – how often do you make yourself a priority?  As pastors, we face many challenges when it comes to managing our emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical health. Too often we sacrifice our own well-being on the altar of ministry. When is the last time you found yourself saying: I’m busy doing God’s work, so I don’t have time to … Read More

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Ministry: Hard Job, High Calling

Today’s guest post comes to us from Heidi Hall for Christianity Today about the daunting challenges faced by pastors. Gordon Atkinson’s decision to leave the ministry didn’t come as an epiphany, nor was it a knee-jerk reaction to a particularly contentious church business meeting. It began with a headache. A migraine. And then some anxiety, followed by its dark twin, … Read More

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Keep Your Brain Larger with Exercise

The following guest post comes to us from the Brain & Spine Team at Cleveland Clinic.  We all know that eating well and exercising consistently can help us achieve the best health possible now. But exercise at mid-life might result in more than bigger biceps — it could mean maintaining our brain size as we age. A recent study published … Read More

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Factors in Determining How Long You’ll Live

Today’s guest post comes to us from Alexandra Sifferlin, a writer for TIME. In the following article Alexandra explains the results of a new study published in PLOS Medicine about behaviors that influence lifespan. Researchers have developed a new lifestyle score that determines your risk for death, based on your bad habits. A bit morbid perhaps, but lifestyle behaviors are responsible … Read More

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The Decline of Men

Today’s guest post comes to us from Roger E. Olson, Professor of Christian Theology of Ethics at George W. Truett Theological Seminary of Baylor Univeristy. Mr. Olson was a contributing editor for Christianity Today and is also an award winning author. I’ve written much here over the years about the “decline of men”–especially as it affects boys and male health in … Read More

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Weekly Sabbath Increases Productivity (from Harvard Business Review)

The following guest blog comes to us from my good friend Dr. Bob Whitesel. Bob serves as Professor of Christian Ministry and Missional Leadership for Wesley Seminary and holds two doctorates from Fuller Theological Seminary. He currently serves as president of the Great Commission Research Network as well as a board member for The Society of Church Consulting. Commentary by Dr. Whitesel: … Read More

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