Breaking the Growth Barrier – Recognizing When To Act.

When it comes to moving your church forward, you must be decisive. Make a decision right now NOT to let your church get stuck at any point of growth.  

Learning to identify your growth barriers early will allow you to make the right adjustments at the right growth point. This enables you to break through them quickly!  Understanding and knowing how to prepare for each growth barrier in advance, will help you reach more people for Christ.

If you choose to be reactive rather than proactive in this area, you will constantly face the BARRIER BATTLE.  

The majority of churches face growth barriers at 4 different points.  Hopefully, you broke the first growth barrier at launch and are growing quickly through the second or third.  Regardless, as you see each barrier approaching in the distance, you must make sure that you are asking yourself questions to stay on the course of growth.

In order to continue growing, you have to support it by making two important decisions.  First, based on the truth of Scripture and your calling, determine that it is God’s will for your church to grow. God wants to grow His church.  You have to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it’s God’s will for your church to grow, thereby expanding His kingdom.

Make that decision. Nail it down.  God is on your side.  He wants your church to grow so that His family can expand.  That’s why He called you.

The second decision you must make is that you want to see your church grow.  Maybe you believe that God wants to grow your church, but deep down, you are not willing to do what it takes to lead the charge to the next level.  Be encouraged!  God will not give you a vision without supplying what you need to fulfill that vision.

Since you are reading this, you are one of the pastors who will say, “Whatever it takes! I am willing to work harder, think harder, take the next hill, and bring as many people with me as I can.” Again, that’s why he called you!

I really want to you break through your current growth barrier!



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