July 27 - 29

Now is the Time to Refocus and Strengthen Your Systems for Growth and Health at Our In-Person Church Systems Boot Camp!

Don't Miss the Most Critical Boot Camp Yet — Where Nelson Will Teach All the Proven, Practical Elements of Each Church System AND the Adjustments that Need to Be Made to the Systems Coming Out of COVID!

Join Pastor Nelson Searcy and Special Guests for a 3-Day LIVE In-Person Boot Camp Where You Will Maximize Your Church's Systems for Greater Health and Growth!

Wednesday, July 27 (starts at 9:30am) through Friday, July 29 (Last Day Ends at 12:30pm, Making it Easy to Travel Out) at Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL

Advance Registration Open Only While Seats are Still Available: You Can Register Now for Only $259 (Normally $699.00) + $29 for Your Spouse (Normally $199) + Special Rates for Teams Like Bringing 4 for Only $199 Total!

The Eight Systems of a Healthy Church® — Completely Updated for the New Reality!

From these 3 powerful days, you and your team will walk away with a ton of easy-to-implement ideas and clear next steps for maximum growth!

Access and Download a 16-Page PDF Brochure Now on All the Systems Boot Camp Highlights — and Why You Need to Join Us in Orlando!

Feel free to share the link with your team and other pastors you know!

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Brand New Teaching: Train Your Entire Team On The 8 Systems For Maximum Church Growth & Health!

  • Don’t Miss the Most Anticipated Church Growth Training Event of the Year!
  • Proven Focus on Fast Implementation!
  • Get Ready to Dramatically Improve Each Church System — with Just Small Tweaks and Very Little Time!
  • Back in Person with Super Low Hotel Rates — Right in the Heart of Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL!

Equip Yourself and Your Staff with Nelson’s Latest and Most Impactful Lessons on Each of the 8 Systems for Maximum Health and Growth!

Whether you are brand new to the Eight Systems of a Healthy Church®, or have been implementing the systems for years, you will get the essential tools you need to GROW like never before.


First Part — Brief overview and check-up on the basic foundation of each system

Second Part — New tools & strategies, how God is blessing the system today and what's working in the local church

Third Part — In-depth look at how this system applies in the Post-Coronavirus reality — and what adjustments have to be made

Nelson will reveal the latest and most impactful lessons on ALL 8 systems (we’ve had to change our approach in the wake of the pandemic, Online Church and more):

⚙️ Evangelism — What’s working NOW to reach lost people

⚙️ Assimilation — How we move from first-time guests to members

⚙️ Ministry — How we mobilize people and grow the volunteer culture at your church

⚙️ Leadership — How we develop leaders at all levels or your church

⚙️ Worship Planning — How we plan, implement and evaluate our services

⚙️ Small Groups — What’s working now in motivating people to sign up and benefit from their small groups, especially the opportunities of online groups

⚙️ Stewardship — How we develop extravagant givers at our church (and how to avoid fatal flaws during this challenging time)

⚙️ Strategy — Needed now more than ever — how we constantly evaluate and improve our church, including the metrics that really matter and why you may be wasting time on the wrong things

You’ll find something for everyone — no matter what level you’re at in your ministry!

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Dear Pastor,

I’m excited to announce that Boot Camp is back LIVE in-person for 2022! COVID put many things on hold or forced cutbacks but NOW is the time to evaluate your systems and restore or rebuild as necessary.

You'll discover many improvements that you can implement now, costing little to nothing but offering a great return in regards to the growth and health of your church.

Get ready to dramatically improve each church system — with just small tweaks and very little time!

Join me at Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL and bring your team at super low rates. Don't miss out on this powerful training event — spots are still limited so be sure to save your spot today!

Nelson Searcy
Lead Pastor
The Journey Church

P.S. At Systems Boot Camp you’ll enjoy three days of the most impactful, real world, nuts-and-bolts training you and your team can attend to help grow your church for the new reality!

6 Reasons to Attend This Year's Boot Camp

You'll refresh yourself and equip your staff on the eight systems

Repetition is the mother of learning, and this three-day event will give you a refresher on the basics of each of your church’s systems. You’ll be able to take inventory on what you’re doing right and any key areas that need attention. Remember, where there’s slack, there’s lack.

You’ll catch up on Nelson’s latest and greatest tools and tactics.

You’ll get a sneak peek at what he’s been discovering, testing and refining in his ongoing laboratory, The Journey Church. This includes new elements and applications for your church’s systems that he’ll be revealing for the FIRST TIME at this event.

You’ll find something for everyone, no matter what level you’re at in your ministry.

For beginners, there’s a solid overview of each of the eight systems. For those who are implementing some of the systems, you’ll receive hands-on guidance from Nelson and top coaching alumni. For the advanced, you’ll hear the latest and most recent innovations in systems, plus intensive training on key themes.

You’ll get a shot of adrenaline.

Let's face it, ministry can wear you down. We all need a jumpstart from time to time, and these three days focused on working ON your church, not IN your church will energize and motivate you for a fruitful fall ministry season!

You’ll learn best practices from other successful pastors.

In addition to a review of the basics and the latest Journey learnings, you’ll have the chance to hear what’s working from other pastors from across the country, multiplying your learning and expanding your takeaways from these three days.

You’ll network with other Kingdom-minded pastors.

At this practical church growth training, you’ll have a chance to catch up with old friends and connect with new friends.

Our Conference Speakers

You’re Invited to Join Nelson and Special Guests for a Don't-Miss LIVE In-Person Boot Camp Where You'll Learn the Latest and Most Impactful Lessons on the 8 Systems.

Founder of

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Founder of Renegade Executive Pastors Network

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Founder of Renegade Worship Pastors Network

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National Ministry Consultant and Master Trainer, Walk Thru the Bible

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Christian Illusionist

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Churchteams Co-founder

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National Presenter for Logos Bible Software

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Executive Director of Publishing for Salem Author Services and Xulon Press

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Business Development Manager for Liberty Press

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Don’t wait, this 3-day Church Systems Boot Camp is back in Walt Disney, Orlando and will sell out soon!

Advance Registration Rates: Only $259 (regularly $699) for you, $29 for your spouse (regularly $199), + special rates for teams like bringing 4 for only $199 total!

Click Here to Secure Your Spot Now!

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – if you aren’t completely satisfied with the impact of this Boot Camp, just let Nelson know anytime before the end of Day 1 and you’ll be completely refunded.


FREE Limited-Time Membership Pass in Nelson's Renegade Pastors Network (Saving $99.00 + Get $895.45 in Bonus Resources)

Your test drive includes a limited-time Renegade Pastors silver membership with all benefits and access. You'll have a private membership hub with access to ministry news and insights, live teachings from Nelson include two monthly coaching calls and over $895.45 of his best-selling church growth resources. PLUS you will get a FREE copy of Nelson’s book The Renegade Pastor: Abandoning Average in Your Life and Ministry.

Since technically this conference is only for Nelson's network members, you must maintain your membership to attend the Church Systems Check-up and Boot Camp. After that you can cancel anytime. If you cancel your membership before the Systems Boot Camp, you may keep your sign-up bonuses, but you will forfeit your spot at the event.

Note: Your First Membership Payment will Not Be Billed Until August 1st!


At Boot Camp you will also receive a FREE 200+ page spiral-bound course pack packed with Nelson's teachings on the 8 systems and the latest samples and documents that you can edit and use in your own church! This workbook alone is worth your investment in Boot Camp! You will also be able to bring the coursepack back and share it with other members of your staff and key volunteers. Each guest registered will also receive a copy.

Join Your Fellow Renegade Pastors for an In-Person Boot Camp at Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida!

Bring Your Whole Team! This includes both high-capacity volunteers, paid administrative staff and pastoral staff. Let this event encourage and align your staff to support you in implementing the systems.

Plus extend your stay to experience more of beautiful Orlando, FL! You will also enjoy a completely renovated hotel at a low rate. Once you register, you will receive complete hotel details but hurry — rooms are booking fast!

Don’t wait, this 3-day Church Systems Boot Camp is back in Walt Disney, Orlando and will sell out soon!

Advance Registration Rates: Only $259 (regularly $699) for you, $29 for your spouse (regularly $199), + special rates for teams like bringing 4 for only $199 total!

Click Here to Secure Your Spot Now!

Don't miss the most anticipated church growth training event of the year!

  • Refresh yourself and equip your staff on the eight systems — completely updated for the new reality!
  • Catch up on Nelson's latest and greatest tools and tactics.
  • Find something for everyone, no matter what level you're at in your ministry.
  • Get a jumpstart for the fall season from these three days focused on working ON your church, not IN your church
  • Shop for the latest resources and tools to help you grow personally and professionally

You and your whole team can attend this don't-miss, intensive in-person event where Nelson will reveal the latest and most impactful lessons on each of the 8 systems — with all the adjustments that need to be made coming out of COVID.

Regular Rate



Don’t wait, this 3-day Church Systems Boot Camp is back in Walt Disney, Orlando and will sell out soon!

Advance Registration Rates: Only $259 (regularly $699) for you, $29 for your spouse (regularly $199), + special rates for teams like bringing 4 for only $199 total!

Click Here to Secure Your Spot Now!

2022 Church Systems Boot Camp FAQs


Register yourself and your team to be a part of an intensive LIVE in-person event where you'll learn all the proven, practical elements of each church system AND the adjustments to be made to the systems coming out of COVID.

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Contact Us
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Please feel free to call us at 561.921.8488, ext. 2.

Concerning COVID-19, we cannot predict any regulations from the city or state governments but we will abide by all Florida requirements at the time of Boot Camp. Currently no proof of vaccination is required. You will be more than welcome to wear a mask and we will do our best to accommodate any special needs. The conference center is spacious and you will be able to maintain social distancing. The hotel and conference center staff are focused on maintaining the highest cleanliness and sanitization standards.

Meet Dr. Nelson Searcy

Nelson Searcy is the Founding and Lead Pastor of The Journey Church, with locations across New York City and in Boca Raton, FL. By God's grace, he identified and developed the Eight Systems of a Healthy Church® that he has used to coach over 3,500 churches in the US and around the world to adapt those eight systems to their unique ministry fields, resulting in great health and growth.

Nelson regularly coaches pastors online and in-person through the Church Leader Insights and Renegade Pastors Network ministries that he founded. He also leads several annual pastor in-person conferences and online training events. In ministry for more than 25 years, Nelson and his church routinely appear on lists such as “The 50 Most Influential Churches” and “The 25 Most Innovative Leaders.”

He is the author of over 100 church growth resources and 19+ books, including The Renegade Pastor: Abandoning Average in Your Life and Ministry, The Difference Maker: Using Your Everyday Life for Eternal Impact, and Fusion: Turning First-Time Guests Into Fully-Engaged Members of Your Church. Nelson is the recipient of the prestigious Donald A. McGavran Award for Outstanding Leadership in Great Commission Research.

He is a longtime student of church history, especially mastering the areas of evangelism and church growth. He divides his time between NYC and South Florida. He battled Stage 4 cancer and has been cancer-free since 2018, praise God! He has an amazing wife, Kelley, and a teenage son, Alexander, who continues to grow in so many ways.