Avoid the Pain of a Staffing Mistake – Two FREE Resources

Nothing keeps us awake more than staffing issues. Having the right staff on board will either double the effectiveness of your church – or it will cut it in half.

My personal journey in leading The Journey Church is why I’m so passionate about helping you – I’ve made more than a few mistakes in the area of staffing and I want to help you avoid the same pain.

That’s why today I’d like to give you a FREE Staffing Resource nelsonsearcy-97e8c900-9935-47b5-986e-22766a461bde-v2of your choice (each a $19.95 value). Choose one – or both (I suggest you get them both!).

I developed these Hiring and De-Hiring Checklists so that nothing is overlooked in the critical hiring process or that important transition time when someone is leaving your church.

These lists are the result of hundreds of hours of hard-learned experience at my own church plus hours working with my coaching alumni. Each checklist is only one page but as tools for effective staff management – they are priceless. 

Click the link below to get your FREE Staffing Resources now! Available thru Friday, March 20 only:


These checklists are painfully practical, but each step has the potential to save you and your church heartache in the long run!

You’ll choose one – or both – of these essential staffing checklists below:


nelsonsearcy-c76ceec3-769f-4bee-a050-107305ca3e03-v2THE HIRING CHECKLIST – $19.95 value – Yours FREE! 

How people start is how they stay. You want to start them with a checklist of things they have to get done as part of their “onboarding” process.

For over a decade I’ve been using and improving this checklist at The Journey to bring alignment and clarify with all new staff members. Miss any one step on this hiring checklist and you’ll regret it later – a bad hire can cost four times their annual salary!


THE DE-HIRING CHECKLIST – $19.95 value – Yours FREE!

nelsonsearcy-d6377386-a237-4581-8e5d-735d87e44bfc-v2Handling the loss of a staff member is never easy – whether he or she is resigning, you need to “de-hire” someone or that once in a decade position where I have to fire someone.

Whether it’s a “good” resignation or a “not-so-good” one, It’s always emotional. And it’s easy to miss important steps in the process if you’re not prepared ahead of time. Use this checklist to  make sure nothing is forgotten in the transition that can come back to hurt the church, the remaining staff or the outgoing staffer.


Clarity is the holy grail of staffing and these documents clearly define each step of when a staff member either joins or leaves – so there’s no confusion.

Save yourself the pain and heartache of my staffing mistakes! Click the link below to grab these proven and practical checklists now – only available thru Friday, March 20!


Don’t miss out – it only takes seconds to download but will save you major time and money!

Your partner in ministry,


P.S. Because I know you’ll put it off if I don’t give a deadline (human nature right!), I’m only making this giveaway available today thru Friday, March 20 only – so don’t miss it!

Take a moment and grab your Two FREE Staffing Resources – while you’re thinking about it:


These checklists were developed in the School of Hard Knocks – so you can avoid a costly staffing mistake!

Hurry – Giveaway Ends Friday, March 20 – grab your Staffing Hiring and De-Hiring Checklists now!

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