Answering Your Assimilation Questions – #1


This week, I’m going to spend some time answering a few of the most common questions I get about the assimilation process. These are questions that seem to pop up time and time again during my Assimilation Seminar and as people read my new book on Assimilation, Fusion. The first question is:

“What do you say to get people to fill out their Connection Cards?”

Well, I think it’s easiest to answer this in two parts. First, I’ll give you what I like to say before the message and then what I, or the host, says at the close of the message. These two “scripts” work together to get people on board with filling out their cards.


Beginning of Service (about 15 – 20 minutes into the service)- After you greet everyone and welcome them to the service (make sure you tell them what a great day it’s going to be!), say something like this: “When you came in today, you were handed a program. Inside that program are several things: One is your message notes, which you can use to follow along with the message and take notes. Also inside your program is a Connection Card. Go ahead and pull those out… Your Connection Card looks like this. (Hold up card.) If you are a member or regular attender, we ask that you fill out your name and email address. If you’re a first time guest, we ask that you fill out as much information on the front of this card as you feel comfortable sharing and mark the box First Time Guest. Also, we would love for you to answer the question at the bottom of the card: “How did you hear about The Journey?” At the end of the service, you can drop your Connection Card in the offering bucket.”


End of Service – As you wrap up the message, bring everyone’s attention back to the Connection Card with, “Go ahead and pull your Connection Card out again and look at the back. You’ll see a list of possible ‘Next Steps’ you can take following today’s message. Maybe you’d like to memorize this week’s verse, or commit to being here through the rest of this series. Just check the box to let us know. If you’d like more information on small groups, membership, or baptism, just check the appropriate box, and we’ll be sure to get that information to you. If we can be praying for you in a specific way, write that on the lines provided, and know that you will be prayed for this week. In a moment we are going to receive the offering, so please take this time to finish completing any information or next steps on your Connection Card and when our offering ushers come around you can drop the card in the offering bucket. If you are a first time guest with us today, we are so glad that you joined us and we have a gift for you. It’s a book called Case For Faith and all you need to do is drop your completed Connection Card in the offering bucket when it is passed and you can pick up your free book on your way out at the tables by each of the exits.”


As you learn to handle the Connection Card process with confidence, you will see more people filling out their cards each week – and that means more people getting connected!

– Nelson

P.S. Check back tomorrow for the answer to another common assimilation question. I know it’s one you’ve wondered about yourself!

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