8 Ways to Avoid the Summer Slump – and Increase Your Stewardship – Part 2

Luke 12.42 KJVThere are many proven things you can do to avoid a “summer slump” in stewardship. Today we continue with Part 2 of my 8 ways to not just glide through the summer – but GROW. (To read Part 1, click here.)

5. Preach on giving. 

  • Biggest felt need during the summer – breaking free from debt. We’ll do a debt-free Sunday right in the middle of summer at The Journey and even help someone pay down their debt.
  • You are helping your people. Allow God to bless their finances by preaching on what God says about money in the Bible. Don’t feel like you are begging your people when you talk about giving – you are telling them about God-blessing opportunities.

 6. Maximize those mid-year giving statements. 

  • Send multiple statements – at least quarterly, including one during the summer. At The Journey, our statement summarizes Jan 1 – June 30 and is sent in the middle of July. This reminds them of how they are doing, at a critical time.
  • Include a personal letter. Share improvements and successes – how their giving has made a difference. 
  • Other ideas for enclosures – Offering envelope that also tells them how to automate, gives the website. Include a “bulky mail” item like a mini-flashlight or tin of mints – something to make them want to open it – we even included a plastic piggy bank once! On outside of envelopes use red letters that say something like “Important – Financial Documents Inside”.

7. Work the stewardship system. 

  • Don’t get slack during the summer. Make sure you are doing follow-up; send out those giving statements.
  • Evaluate how the system is working for you – take measurements.

8. Be sure that YOU are on track with your giving during the summer. 

  • Set a spiritual model. If the leaders aren’t giving, the church won’t. If we are behind in giving, the first thing I check is my own giving and then staff giving.
  • Hold yourself and your leaders accountable. Have an agreement in place in advance with all your staff to tithe – and if someone falls behind, address the issue to make any necessary corrections (giving them the benefit of the doubt).

With a little planning now, and following these 8 strategies, you can prepare to minimize a dip in your giving this summer – and make sure it’s a minor one instead of a drastic drop-off.

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