4 Accelerators for Effective Change in Your Church (part 2 of 2)

Gabe Kolstad here again, continuing where we left of on Monday, looking at 4 Accelerators for Effective Change.

In Monday’s post, I shared the first two accelerators:

1. ACTION: Do what you can, right now.

2. VISION: Get clear about where you’re going.

And today, the other two…

3. TEAM: Gather support.

Get the best people you can in the right places as soon as you possibly can.  At my church we’ve tried to operate on the “promote from within” philosophy when we can.  We start with our volunteers, raise up leaders, guide and develop, and release for impact.

It’s messy, it often goes slower than I like, and just when you get an amazing leader in place they get a job transfer to another city!  But all the while God is grooming the people you need for the ministry He has in mind.

Once in a while we realize that we need to look beyond our church to find the leader for the next phase.  There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s actually very normal.  Just be careful you find someone who has the DNA of your church flowing through their veins.

Placing the right leader in the right place will accelerate the change & growth process in your church like almost nothing else.

For help on organizing your team, check out Nelson’s resource, “The Ministry Seminar.”  Our team has devoured this seminar over and over again, and we’ve found it to be an invaluable tool for taking it to the next level.

4. MOMENTUM: Point the spotlight on what’s working.

John Maxwell calls momentum “a leader’s best friend.”  The fact is, there are many things that are going very well in every church.  What are they?  How about in your church?  This secret has helped us introduce changes and speed up the process.

Like Chip & Dan Heath teach in their groundbreaking book Switch, ask “What’s working well, and how can we do more of that?”

Putting the spotlight on the people & processes that are heading the right direction will reduce conflict, eliminate unnecessary steps, and create enthusiasm about the future.

When we were transitioning our Groups ministry to a semester-based model we decided to make heroes out of the group leaders that were making the switch easily.  We brought them on stage, promoted their groups, congratulated their efforts, and gave them increased influence.

We spent very little time and energy dealing with negativity because people were embracing what they saw publicly.

That which gets rewarded gets repeated.  

Which of these 4 Accelerators do you need to start on first?  

Make it a goal to take the first step before the end of the day today.

Looking forward to our next post!


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