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Make the Most of Every Hour of Your Week in 2020!

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Pick Up Nelson Searcy's Bestselling Leadership Resource, "Time Management for Busy Pastors" for Only $25 (Regularly $299.95)!

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We all would like to get more done, and in this three-hour seminar, Nelson Searcy will show you how! You'll discover 34 time-management principles that you can start applying immediately to get the most out of your day.

Combined they could save you over 60 hours a month!

Imagine having 60 extra hours to focus on what's important instead of always operating under the stress of the "urgent."

In this powerful, easy-to-implement resource you will learn:

  • What to schedule first in your calendar to maximize your time (Hint: It's not what you think!)
  • How to live off-peak (This alone will save you hours each month)
  • How to be efficient rather than busy
  • How to automate important tasks so you accomplish them on time, every time, with NO EFFORT!
  • How to live with the peace of mind that nothing will "slip through the cracks"
  • How to increase your effectiveness as a leader by knowing when NOT to use technology
  • How to identify and utilize several hours in your week that are currently "invisible"
  • And much more!

Includes: Three hours of audio training, fill-in-the-blank listener’s guide, bonus audio teaching on what the Bible says about time management, bonus documents on time management principles and more.

PLUS - Pick up this resource now and you can get TWO FREE MONTHS of membership in Nelson's new Renegade Pastors Network. You'll have access to monthly leadership calls, author interviews, monthly book summaries, and much, much more!

You'll receive everything you need to start implementing these important principles immediately.

All of that for over 92% OFF (because I don't want to sit by and watch you miss out on the leadership and ministry growth that you could experience in the coming months)!


And that's not all!

As a fellow pastor, I realize that there are several factors - in your church and in your personal life - that go into successfully growing your ministry and fulfilling your calling. So I have an added an opportunity for you...

Plus, you can receive a FULL TWO MONTHS FREE Test Drive in Nelson Searcy’s NEW Renegade Pastors Network ($1,110.20 value!)

The Renegade Pastors Network is about a comprehensive approach to life and ministry. As a member, Nelson will help you stay one step ahead of the calendar, make the most of your time and resources and fulfill your calling for the sake of the Kingdom.

FREE with your membership - Nelson's NEW book, The Renegade Pastor ($19.95 value!)

FREE with your membership - Nelson's NEW book, The Renegade Pastor ($19.95 value!)

Together, with Nelson you’ll focus on:

  • Personal and Professional Growth
  • Church Health and Growth
  • Advanced Planning
  • Healthy Church Systems
  • Becoming a Better Spouse and Parent
  • Fulfilling Your Calling as a Minister
  • Stress Management and Emotional Strength
  • And much more!

Plus, you'll receive additional immediate bonus resources when you add Renegade Pastors Network to your order, including the Seven Commitments of a Renegade Pastor audio resource, leadership book summaries, Church Growth Champions interviews and much more:

$813.20 in FREE Resources, just for joining!

Top 10 Benefits for Joining Your the Renegade Pastors Network Today!
(this is not an exhaustive list but here's your Top 10):

1. The Renegade Pastors Monthly LIVE Leadership Briefing Call with LIVE Q&A. At the heart of the network is a monthly update and briefing from Nelson via LIVE Conference Call. This monthly "pastor to pastor" call (which will be recorded on MP3 for your library) will be personal, practical, packed with content and slightly irreverent (but in a good way) training where Nelson will challenge you, enlighten you, equip you and guide you to maximize your next season of ministry. He will often bring in guest speakers as well.

With the Renegade Pastors Monthly Briefing Call, you'll always be one step ahead in your planning and fully inspired and equipped to stay the course of the Renegade lifestyle.

Don’t worry if you can’t make the live call – you’ll receive an MP3 recording in your Online Private Membership Hub to access anytime.

2. Equipping Interview Call. The week following our Leadership Call, Nelson will do a second call where he interviews other leading authors and church growth experts. On these calls, he goes in-depth on the topic of their latest book, their background, and insights and tips for pastors and churches. Past interviews include Thom Rainer, Gary McIntosh, Chuck Lawless, Warren Bird, Steve Stroope, Patrick Lencioni, Bill Easum, and Larry Osborne, among many others.

Plus don’t worry if you can’t make the live call – you’ll receive an MP3 recording in your Online Private Membership Hub to access anytime.

3. Membership Welcome Kit Upon Joining. When you join the network today, you will be welcomed to the Renegade lifestyle with resources and bonuses so you can immediately start abandoning average! You’ll have access to the following:

- Immediate Coaching Hub access with 3 months archive of recent training calls, newsletter, book summaries, special welcome bonuses and more.

- Welcome phone call conversation with Renegade Pastors staff

- 7 Day Renegade Reflections e-mails to quick-start your membership

- Priority Mail Package including the following:

- 7 Commitments of a Renegade Pastor CD case plus first two CDs (5 more mailed monthly to complete the kit)

- Two classic Church Growth Champions reports

- Selected book by Nelson Searcy

- Renegade Pastor wristband

- 7 Commitments of a Renegade Pastor pocket card

- Plus surprises!

4. Bonus Renegade Pastors T-shirt. Wear it proudly; remember, you are now part of a community of like-minded pastors committed to abandoning average!

Includes a FREE Renegade Pastors T-shirt ($19.95 value)

5. Online Private Membership Hub Access. In your password-protected membership site, you'll have instant access to Renegade Pastor benefits including recordings of the monthly calls (3-month archive), exclusive Renegade Pastor online events, purchased resources, Renegade Pastors in-depth book summaries (3-month archive), monthly members update (3-month archive), and Church Growth Champions Audio training from Elmer Towns, Chip Arn, Peter Wagner and Gary McIntosh.

6. Mailed Monthly Members Update. You’ll receive a large packet each month that’s packed with content that you receive only as a Renegade Pastor. These monthly mailings contain a 24+ page printed Renegade Pastors Insider, 6x per year Church Growth Champions biographical report (more on that below), 6x per year Renegade Pastors in-depth book summaries (more details below), Growth Points feature with Dr. Gary McIntosh and more!

7. FREE Church Growth Champions biographical report. Each report (6 per year) features a different pioneer of church growth and evangelism to inspire you and your ministry. Past champions include Donald McGavran, Billy Graham, Charles Spurgeon and John Wesley, all available in your Hub as well.

8. Leadership Book Summaries. You will have exclusive access to these book summaries (6 per year) for the duration of your membership. Includes the “Renegade” perspective with how you can apply the learnings in your church.

9. Q&A with Nelson on each Leadership Briefing Call. At the end of the call, Nelson opens it up for “pastor to pastor” question-and-answer time. You’ll have a chance to discuss with Nelson what’s going on in your church and get direction on next steps. Even if you’re not the one asking a question, you get to hear from other pastors and learn from their situations.

10. Members Only Online Webinars and LIVE Events – like the Annual 3-Day Renegade Pastors Conference. This private event is completely focused on equipping members to abandon average. Members enjoy three days with their fellow Renegades just full of encouragement, fellowship and eye-opening training!


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